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About Us

As alumni of The Horace Mann School, we were saddened, stunned and angered to learn that a number of teachers, over decades, had sexually abused our friends and classmates on a scale that few could imagine, reminding us that the plague of child abuse knows no boundaries.

First and foremost, we demand that the school acknowledge the abuse took place and offer an apology to the victims.

Second, we believe that over the span of three decades, child abuse could not have flourished in an institution such as Horace Mann without secrecy and willful ignorance, if not outright complicity.  We ask that the school live up to one of its core principles -- "Great is the truth and it prevails" -- and cooperate with an independent investigation.

Finally, we want the school to hold educational forums, and to advocate preventive measures to show the world that Horace Mann is not afraid to confront its demons.  Indeed the school should become a role model for how trusted institutions can and should confront child sexual abuse within its walls.

"Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity," is another guiding principle we were taught as Horace Mann students.

Decades later, we couldn't agree more.


The HM Action Coalition is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the state of New York. 

Our official name and address is:

Horace Mann ActionCoalition Support Fund, Inc.
273 Baltic St
Brooklyn, NY 11201