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posted by HM Action at 2013-05-29 19:34:00

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Back between the years 1977-1980 myself and other troubled adolescent runaways often traveled between New York City, Atlantic City and Philadelphia involving ourselves in a variety of youth related crimes and delinquency concerns including child sex trafficking and child pornography as adolescent victims.

Over these years I unfortunately crossed paths with a variety of serial pedophiles who sexually exploited us kids which included sereil pedophiles Ed Savitz, Lawrence Scott Ward, Jerry Sandusky, Poly Prep Coach Phil Foglietta and many more.

I remember Ed Savitz and Phil Foglietta at different times would invite myself and other kids to visit Horace Mann social parties in the Bronx were they would introduce us kids to a few of they’er friends if we wanted to make a few extra buck$ prostituting: although I usually was too busy running the streets between 3 different cities, many of my street hustling friends did attend these Horace Mann social parties where they would engage in child prostitution acts afterwards.

For decades after I got my life together I always assumed Horace Mann in the Bronx was a person who molested children?

Recently I have discovered that Horace Mann was actually an educational prep school, WOW! After I discovered the truth regarding Horace Mann Prep School I immediately contacted Horace Mann school officials in addition to contacting the Bronx District Attorney’s Office in reporting my allegations that occurred 30 plus years ago.

Raising public awareness regarding pedophilia rings that sexually exploit children better educates citizens and parents as to the real dangers facing our children in the past, present and future. We as parents must safeguard our children."

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