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Seiger Responds to HM's invitation to "Barbecue Luncheon on Clark Field"

posted by HM Action at 2014-06-11 05:02:00

Alumni and survivors were shocked when the school included the name of a former headmaster who sexually abused a child in its Homecoming invitations, despite the fact that the field was renamed two years ago. Jon Seiger replies below and has our admiration for his courage and strength:

"I have been trying to hold off writing the following post, due to the painful memories it has caused me today, but I really feel I have to. As a person who was abused DIRECTLY by R. Inslee Clark, on that night when I was 14 years old, and he and Stan Kops got me drunk, took me to a hustler bar, picked up/hired two male prostitutes to come back to Mr. Clark's house and rape me while he and Mr. Kops watched, I am insulted, hurt, and angry that a "mistake" like this could happen. Recalling the enjoyment and pleasure on their faces as I was being aggressively raped in front of them for their entertainment, and then sending the prostitutes off when they were finished (and I was in pain, scared, and bleeding), only to then assault me themselves, in tandem, and seeing Clark's name still associated with the field in this expensive glossy magazine sent to all alumni, etc., is painful, infuriating, insulting, and unacceptable.

To say "oops, it was a typo" does not excuse it, does not justify it, and does not brush it away, as is apparently intended. If the school had handled any of this properly and appropriately there would not be a HM parent, teacher, student, staff member, janitor, or proof reader, who would not INSTANTLY see the Clark name and not question that it should be there, and therefore double check and avoid something like this happening. It is clear to me that the school's announcement that the name "Clark Field" had been replaced with "Main Field" or "Main Athletic Field" or whatever was lip service at best. And that their response shows they are quick to exonerate, justify, and excuse this "typo" that never should have happened in the first place is empty lip service. An apology without action is no apology at all.

They should now send a follow-up letter to every single person who received that glossy high-cost HM Magazine with an apology/correction letter, and to let people know this is not acceptable, and that the Clark name HAS been removed from the field, and WHY. This is the only way to show me, and of course others, that they mean what they say and this was indeed a "mistake" and a "typo." This "typo" has caused great pain, and if the apology is indeed sincere, it MUST be followed with action to address the pain, or it is a hollow apology, and therefore means nothing at all."

posted at: 2014-06-11 05:02:00, last updated: 2014-06-11 05:03:25

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