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INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE: Detention of Critic of Child Abuse Draws Ire in China

JUNE 7, 2013, 2:19 AM Detention of Critic of Child Abuse Draws Ire in China By DIDI KIRSTEN TATLOW BEIJING — The first urgent message came at 11.41 in the morning of Thursday, May 30: Ye Haiyan, a campaigner against child abuse and for the rights of sex workers and those with HIV/AIDS, wrote that her home had been invaded and she was being physically attacked in Bobai, Guangxi Province.

RIVERDALE PRESS: Grading Horace Mann

Grading Horace Mann By Amos Kamil
Posted 6/5/13
A year after The New York Times ran “Prep School Predators,” it remains odd to see Horace Mann School appear alongside Penn State, The Boy Scouts and the Catholic Church as synonymous with child sexual abuse. The revelations that began with the article and have continued during the past year have ended the decades-long silence of many victims but we, the Horace Mann “community,” are nowhere close to healing. As author of “Prep School Predators,” I have been in contact with a significant segment of alumni who remain engaged with the school. They grade their alma mater’s handling of the survivors’ initial claims — the general institutional silence — and the school’s overall approach to handling the scandal with an ‘F’.  Looking back over the last year, I agree. 

RIVERDALE PRESS: HM Questioned on its plan to release testimony

HM questioned on its plan to release testimony
By Sarina Trangle     Posted 6/5/13   
An attorney representing 25 Horace Mann alumni who were sexually abused by former school faculty has come down on the hilltop school for proposing to release testimony in which victims detailed their abuse. 

IRISH TIMES: The Abusers Who Taught Us Elite

The abusers who taught the US elite Rupert Murdoch’s son went there. So did a former publisher of the New York Times. But behind the walls of Horace Mann School some of its teachers spent decades sexually abusing pupils. Now, inspired in part by the Murphy and Magdalene laundry reports, the victims are demanding justice

Allred Response to HM's Misstatements

In reaction to the Horace Mann letter of May 24th, 2013... "What the school has done - lying to those who trusted them; thumbing their nose at people who bared their soul and saying they would game their most private information to the school's advantage...that is violent. Seriously hateful violence." -- an HM alumnus COUNSEL'S 5/30 RESPONSE TO MISSTATEMENTS IN HM 5/24 LETTER:Response to Press Statement Containing False Statements Issued by Horace Mann School On May 24th, 2013

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