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Former Horace Mann Teacher, Joan Bowen, Speaks

Dear Joseph,
I am concerned that some alums are disquieted by the silence of teachers.
My feelings are strong on the abuse subject The few retired faculty with whom I am in contact share my views. The others may dislike Facebook as I do. Alums should not assume a lack of support for the victims or support for the School's silence on the matter from their silence on Facebook. How could anyone not be outraged by the deeds of evil teachers and the ensuing cover-ups?

NY DAILY NEWS: Longtime Horace Mann Trustee Booted In Sex Scandal

Longtime Horace Mann trustee booted in sex scandal Michael Hess’ name was removed from the Horace Mann School website last week, shortly after the Daily News asked about his role in the school’s explosive abuse scandal. BY GINGER ADAMS OTIS AND MICHAEL O'KEEFE / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS A longtime Horace Mann School board member accused of hushing up allegations of sexual abuse at the elite prep institution has been stripped of his title as an emeritus trustee — a symbolic change for former students who say they endured years of torment.

RIVERDALE PRESS: Horace Mann Signals Change in Tone Over Abuse Scandal

Horace Mann signals change in tone over abuse scandal By Sarina Trangle
Posted 5/11/13
Horace Mann appears to be distancing itself from a man accused of intimidating an alleged victim of sexual abuse.

Education - Part 4 - This is a Crime

Education - Part 3 - Admin Communication

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