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PEOPLE MAGAZINE: School Sexual Abuse Survivors End Decades of Secrecy

School Sexual Abuse Survivors End Decades of Secrecy
For 34 years a ‘network’ of pedophiles targeted dozens of students at New York City’s prestigious Horace Mann School. As a new investigation reveals the scope of the abuse and cover-up, survivors share their stories.

BBC -- Rotherham Child Abuse Scandal -- 1,400 Children Exploited

Rotherham child abuse scandal: 1,400 children exploited, report finds
"I commissioned this independent review to understand fully what went wrong, why it went wrong and to ensure that the lessons learned in Rotherham mean these mistakes can never happen again," Rotherham council's chief executive, Martin Kimber, said.

NY TIMES EDITORIAL: Justice Denied for Abused C/hildren

Justice Denied for Abused Children By THE EDITORIAL BOARD
AUG. 13, 2014
Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill last week that adds compensated public school coaches to the list of professionals, including teachers, required to report to authorities suspected cases of child sexual abuse and other maltreatment. This leaves uncovered some (but not all) private and parochial school coaches, volunteer coaches and college-level coaches. And it does nothing to elevate New York’s low ranking when it comes to providing justice to the victims of child sexual abuse. That shabby distinction is directly related to the state’s failure to extend its severely short statute of limitations in child-sexual-abuse cases.

RIVERDALE PRESS: Klein Now Says He's For Victim's Act

Sen. Jeff Klein has changed his mind about the Child Victims Act.
By Shant Shahrigian
Posted 8/7/14
Advocates for justice for years of sexual abuse at Horace Mann School and elsewhere are welcoming state Sen. Jeff Klein’s new support of the Child Victims Act, which would end the statue of limitations for sex crimes against minors and open up a one-year window for past cases to come to court.

RIVERDALE PRESS: Klein Clarifies Stance on Abuse Act

To the editor:
I am writing to dispute and clarify the troublesome accusations made about me in last week’s front page article, “Child abuse victims stung by Albany inaction.”

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