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Seiger Abuse Reveals HM Headmaster and Pedophiles In Collusion

June 19, 2014
Here is the post I have promised for the last few days.
I would like to start by thanking the many kind and caring people who have responded to my earlier post, both here and in private, about my experience that first night with Mr. Clark and Mr. Kops. Your support and kindness goes a long way to help make the pain and memories manageable.

RIVERDALE PRESS: What's in a name?

What’s in a name? Anguish, for some Horace Mann alumni By Maya Rajamani Posted 6/18/14
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Many Horace Mann graduates who received the school’s alumni magazine in the mail last week were shocked to discover a “Save the Date” for Homecoming within its pages that referred to the school’s main athletic field by its former name, “Clark Field.” 

Seiger Responds to HM's invitation to "Barbecue Luncheon on Clark Field"

Alumni and survivors were shocked when the school included the name of a former headmaster who sexually abused a child in its Homecoming invitations, despite the fact that the field was renamed two years ago. Jon Seiger replies below and has our admiration for his courage and strength:

NY DAILY NEWS: HM Still Doesn't Understand the Horrors of Sexual Abuse

Horace Mann still doesn't understand the horrors of sexual abuse, angry alumni say BY Michael O'keeffe
Tuesday, June 10, 2014, 5:28 PM
When it comes to sexual abuse, Horace Mann administrators still don’t get it, angry alumni say.

WALL STREET JOURNAL: Years of Abuse at Brooklyn School Alleged

Years Of Abuse At Brooklyn School Alleged
Nearly a Dozen Women Say a Former Teacher at Now- Closed Woodward School Sexually Abused a Succession of Girls

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