The toast that no one (well mostly no one) was expecting...

Greetings, all!

I was stunned when I got the invitation:

A Bay Area reunion of SF alumni, at a downtown hotel, with special guest, HM Head of School Tom Kelly.

HM was going merrily about their fundraising as if nothing has happened -- no sexual abuse scandal, no shameful behavior on the part of the Board of Trustees.

I couldn't let this go unchallenged.

So before anyone else spoke publicly at the event, I made this toast.

I was not the only one who spoke out. After my toast, at least 5 people (including me) spoke to Mr Kelly individually, challenging him about HM's handling of the scandal. (This in a gathering of about 50 alumni.)

Then, perhaps an hour after my toast, Mr. Kelly addressed the gathering. The scandal came up a number of times in his remarks, and he seemed defensive.

motto A strange ironic twist: I had planned to talk about the school's motto. But I had no idea that each alum would be given, on entering the event, a Horace Mann bookmark with 24K gold-plated HM insignia on the front, including the school's motto.

Let's continue to make our voices heard!
And please join me in donating to the HM Action Coalition to help fund the independent investigation into the scandal.